Join the group of OSF Advocates!

Are you excited about Open Science and research transparency? Join the group of OSF Advocates at the VU!
Together with like-minded colleagues from other faculties and departments you will lead the adoption of OSF among VU researchers.

OSF is already in use by multiple researchers at the VU, for example by Rene Bekkers.

Contact the RDM community manager Lena Karvovskaya or RDM Support Desk.

What is OSF?

The Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free and Open Source web platform that helps researchers to manage their projects effectively throughout the entire research life cycle.

OSF makes it easy to plan and manage research projects from the very beginning to its completion. Simply pre-register your research idea and let your colleagues know what you are working on. Share your project and all related data, software, notes, documentations, publications, and slides with your colleagues in real-time. Publish your results and data with OSF or make use of the flexible storage management options such as Research Drive, SURFDrive, Dataverse etc.

Why should I use OSF?

OSF encapsulates all advantages of Open Science in an intuitive and easy to use fashion. 

With OSF, you can make your research clear, consistent, and transparent from the very beginning.

  • Kick-off your research
    • Pre-register what you will be studying before collecting data and ensure that studies are conducted as planned.
    • Reuse what is already shared by others. See if a certain question has already been asked and discover data on your topic of interest.
    • Make use of templates for structuring your project ideas easily.
  • Collaborate & Develop
    • Collaborate with colleagues inside and outside the VU in real-time.
    • Use the Activity Log to keep track of everything that is happening.
    • Seamless version control of your files made easy.
    • Accelerate the review process and link all related materials.
  • Publish & Preserve
    • Make your research accessible to your community in a single place.
    • Publish and share preprints, data, code, slides, and other materials.
    • Get a DOI for public and private projects and related outputs..
    • Structure and openly document your research to increase the transparency of your results and make your research reproducible.

How does the VU support OSF?

The VU has a membership with OSF, which leads to a number of advantages for VU researchers:

  • Use the VU analytics dashboard and see all public projects at the VU.
  • Secure two-factor authentication with your VUnetID.
  • Read our VU OSF guides and enjoy priority support. 
  • Personal data storage in GDPR compliant way: the contracts between the VU and OSF have been checked by the privacy lawyers

How can I get started?

Go to and register today with the VU institutional login.

Where can I get more information?

Video on getting started with OSF


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